2023 Genz Trends

New year and the question about what would be a trend in this 2023 its above us, to help answer that Instagram partnered with WGSN to field a survey with Gen Z users across the United States. Their findings, included in the report, began with a simple question about summing up 2023 in one word. Our top responses: Healing, Energized, and Main Character Energy. 

Instagram Genz trends 2023

Alt Takes On The Metaverse.

Gen Z plans to build a more recognizable world. In the metaverse Gen Z can build worlds anew, and they expect to express their individuality and dedication to equity in digital spaces. For example, 67% of Gen Z users feel avatars should better reflect diverse body types, clothing, and skin tones in the coming year. Virtual influencers offer real inspiration. Over half of Gen Z social media users plan to get fashion or beauty inspiration from digital avatars or influencers in 2023. For Gen Z, AI beauty and fashion continues to intrigue


Creator Trends

Community & Participation In-person experiences will drive community between creators & Gen Z fans. Gen Z social media users are excited about realizing their digital relationships. Nearly a third of Gen Z users look forward to in-person experiences—like creator conventions and meet and greets—with their favorite influencers. In 2023, mixed media will rule content creation. The next gen expects their favorite influencers to branch into new forms of media. For example, over 40% of Gen Z followers want to hear podcasts from their favorite social media creators in 2023.


There are another categories and if you want to know more you can download the complete report in the instagram webpage


2023 its just starting and everything seems to change.