2023 Tech trends in retail


Happy new year!! And as it seems  happy new tech or not so new to welcome in the retail industry. Although the pandemic teach us that we can live without the in store experience, in this 2023 we would expect to see some innovation, and the more relevant as are follow:

instore tech

AI transforming inventory management

The last few years saw grocery retailers get on board the digital transformation train. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), grocers are digitizing their entire inventory, using machine learning to quickly classify new lines and products into the appropriate categories.

More smart Shelf tags

With better insight into demand and real time information about stock levels, managers are introducing dynamic pricing to reduce spoilage and food waste. With the adoption of "smart" electronic shelf tags .

Multiple Self-checkout options available

It's not new that we don't want to waste are valuable time in long lines at a checkout cashier, the technology can and will improve this by giving the stores owners the resource to give new and efficients way to let the costumer do self-checkout, improving the experience at the point of purchase.

We already know some of the self checkout options available now, but we could expect for example in-store handheld scanners that connect to a checkout app.

In 2023, Retail customer experience expectations are evolving in the post-pandemic era, and as the latest advances in tech continue to mature, retail leaders are empowered to implement new solutions.