2FA wont be available to everyone at Twitter

Elon Musk had done it again, now, as confirmed by a tweet, on March only the verified accounts will have access to de 2FA by sms

2FA twitter

2FA is a security measure that requires a user to provide two different types of authentication factors in order to access an account. This means that even if someone gains access to your password, they still can't log in to your account without the second authentication factor.

Twitter provides several 2FA options, including SMS, mobile security apps, and security keys. SMS-based 2FA sends a code to your mobile phone that you need to enter to confirm your identity. You can enable SMS-based 2FA on Twitter by going to your account settings and selecting "Security and Account Access," then clicking "Two-Factor Authentication."

While SMS-based 2FA can be convenient, it's not the most secure option, as it can be vulnerable to SIM swap attacks or other forms of social engineering. It's generally recommended to use a mobile security app or security key for the strongest form of 2FA protection.

In summary, Twitter offers SMS-based 2FA as one of its authentication options, but it's important to understand its limitations and potential risks. You may want to consider using a stronger form of 2FA, such as a mobile security app or security key, for the highest level of account security.