AI text generator tools are affecting the literacy world

Since the implementation and massive use of AI solutions like ChatGpt a few areas of knowledge had been affect, some in more ways than another, by example literacy is one of those areas that could o have been more affected by this technology. In this article we would try to give to you the good the bad and the not so good about this trend.

AI Text Generator

AI text generators can affect literacy in both positive and negative ways.

On the positive side, AI text generators can provide a powerful tool for improving literacy and language skills. By offering suggestions and corrections to written text, these tools can help users identify grammatical errors, improve syntax, and expand their vocabulary. Furthermore, AI text generators can be used to provide examples of high-quality writing that can be used as models for students and aspiring writers.


On the negative side, AI text generators can potentially encourage a reliance on technology instead of critical thinking and creativity. If students become too reliant on these tools to generate written work, they may not develop the skills necessary to think critically and creatively on their own. Additionally, the ease of generating written content using AI text generators may lead to a decrease in the value placed on well-crafted writing and literature, and a shift towards content that is produced quickly and efficiently.


Therefore, it is important to use AI text generators as a tool to supplement and enhance literacy instruction, rather than as a replacement for human creativity and critical thinking. Ultimately, it is up to educators and individuals to determine how to use these tools in a way that supports the development of strong literacy skills.


As an example of how this can affect literacy lets talk about sites like Clarkersworld a SfiFi and fictional magazine that for years had encourage new authors to summit their work ,in the hope to be publish in their site, but since ChatGPT had become a best friends of some writers they had encounter a real big problem, saturation of people summiting sci fi short stories. The problem is of such magnitude that the site had for the first time in a long time close their submission process because they now had to take some time to review the quality of the material they receive. If they decide that the story had been majority write by an AI text generator ,they could decide not to publish it.


So, what your though about it, should the text write by an AI text generator publish as the work of an specific author?