Access Google Maps even if you don't have an internet connection

We probably have access to the internet almost every time of the day, but if you like to travel, are a bit adventurous or even if you spend your data mobile, know that you have access to google maps even when there is no wifi nearby is a big relief.

Google Maps

This option is not really new, and if you are someone who is used to traveling a lot, you may already know it, but if in your wish list of things to do in 2023 camping, living a life more in touch with nature, and travel are in it then this will come very handy.


To download a map in Google Maps offline, open the Google Maps application on iOS or Android and tap your profile picture on the top right (you must be logged in to your Google account for this to work). In the menu that appears, tap Offline maps > Select Your Own Map.


Use your fingers to place the map you want to download within the confines of the rectangle border. Use one finger to move across the map, and a two-finger pinch to zoom in and out. As you move around the map, you'll see how much storage space the download will take up on your phone. Once you're happy with the area, tap Download. 


You must be connected to Wi-Fi to download the map. If you want to download over cellular, go to the Offline maps page, tap the gear icon on the top right, tap When to download offline maps and select Over Wi-Fi or mobile network. Once your map is downloaded, you'll be sent back to the Offline maps page, where you can see all your offline maps.


Now your set, and ready for your new adventures , enjoy!