Best Tech Innovations Presented at CES 2023



Well, it's time to say goodbye to CES, one of the biggest tech events of the continent, but we still have some news to share about it, and some of them are really extraordinary, like: can you imagine a flying car? 

AKA A5 Flying car

HTC Vive XR Elite 

If you don’t know what to give your loving gamer for valentine’s day, the perfect gift is one of the bets headsets in the market right now, I’m talking about the HTC VIVE XR Elite. It has 4 wide field-of-view tracking cameras, high-resolution RGB color camera, depth sensor and, vivid extended reality with precision user-environment interplay.


Samsung S95C 77-inch QD-OLED TV 

In the CES of this year Samsung presented the newest model S95C and S90C that have a 4K UHD resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate. Officially, they’re the first Samsung QD-OLED TV to support 144Hz. They also presented their biggest tv of all: a shining 77 inches model. The S95C model had OTS Plus Sound and support for Samsung One Connect box. It’s a big improvement and it gives hard time to the competence like LG.


Aska, which revealed its A5 flying car at CES 2023.

And i left the best for last, how many years has humankind dreamed of a flying car? Well seems that, that dream can become real in a near future. ASKA™ A5 is a real flying car that combines the convenience of an automobile with the safety, ease, and efficiency of VTOL and STOL flight.

These are it specifications:

  • 4-seater and the size of a SUV
  • VTOL - Vertical Takeoff and Landing
  • STOL - Short Takeoff and Landing
  • Full electric system with range extender (lithium-ion batteries + engine)
  • Flight range up to 250 miles
  • Flight speeds up to 150 mph 

You can preorder now, with a cost of $800,000 more or less.


Meanwhile this tech party has ended, it has left us with a lot to think of and talk about, expect to see some of these innovations ready to buy soon.