CES, what’s new so far

The Consumer Electronics Show; or CES, it’s still active which has let us seen so much innovation in it, like: gadgets, smart house, AI, accessories for the metaverse and one of my personal favorites, car color changing paint. Despite the events starting until the 8th we try to bring you a taste of what had been shown at let’s start with:


Car tech at CES 2023


Now Vehicles talk, walk and do almost everything by themselves, the new models are basically moving computers, and in this edition of the CES we are seeing some awesome innovation.


Android Auto. with this new version a lot of its features will get a well deserve liftoff, like listening to a podcast, that is now a lot easier. At the event Google announced that this new version will be available right now, and if you have an android smart phone, it will connect automatically to your vehicle, with an interface with a brand-new design, for example the maps view is now closer to the driver seat so it will be the first thing you see at the screen.



Portable Air Purifier nanoe™X Generator F-GPT01AKM / F-GPT01ARM

Panasonic used the CES to introduce some innovation, like the air purifier that fits in a cupholder and tackles odor and harmful air pollutants. Panasonic's proprietary nanoe X technology produces tiny electrically charged water particles containing an oxidizing agent that effectively breaks down substances in the air.


Ready Vision and Ready Care


Harmans, a Samsung company, presented in the CES something I’m sure we all want, and is called Ready Care. HARMAN Ready Care technology combines intelligent machine learning algorithms and selected in-vehicle sensors, to detect a driver’s personal state and propose a customized in-cabin response to mitigate safety risks and increase wellbeing.​​

Ready Vision

With turn-by-turn navigation and intelligent overlays for the heads-up display, Ready Vision is blurring the lines between physical and digital to enable safer, distraction-free experiences behind the wheel.

BMW iVision DEE

This visionary concept proves that minimalism and expression can coexist beautifully. The sleek and streamlined exterior is juxtaposed with digital features that bring Dee's charming character to life. Innovative E ink technology lets you change Dee's exterior color whenever your mood changes.


And these are just some of the innovations presented at CES, keep tune for more.