ChatGPT Plugins on Limited Alpha

Are you a developer? You may want to learn how to build a plugin that allows ChatGPT to intelligently call your API, yes ChatGPT is rolling out it, sadly will be available first to its paid subscription users and then, if we are lucky to all of us, but in the midtime we all could learn a little about it.
ChatGpt Waitlist
OpenAI plugins connect ChatGPT to third-party applications. These plugins enable ChatGPT to interact with APIs defined by developers, enhancing ChatGPT's capabilities and allowing it to perform a wide range of actions.
• Plugins can allow ChatGPT to do things like:
• Retrieve real-time information; e.g., sports scores, stock prices, the latest news, etc.
• Retrieve knowledge-base information; e.g., company docs, personal notes, etc.
• Perform actions on behalf of the user; e.g., booking a flight, ordering food, etc.
Plugins are in a limited alpha and may not yet be accessible to all, but you can  join the waitlist to get access. 
In the case you already get access to these plugins you need to understand the end-to-end flow.
1. Create a manifest file and host it at
2. Register your plugin in the ChatGPT UI
3. Users activate your plugin
4. Users begin a conversation
If you want to  know more, please read the developer terms of use.