ChatGPT as your chatbot for customer service may not be the best idea

Using AI as a tool to make more low cost and efficient your communication through your customer service channels is something companies being doing for a while now, but with all the buzz around ChatGPT the AI Chatbot created by OpenAI, some of them are starting to consider using it, and as experts says it may nor be the best idea.


“ChatGPT is very good for coming up with new things that don't follow a predefined script. It's great for being creative. It's great for asking a range of questions, but you can never count on the answer,” Ajay Agarwal, a professor at the University of Toronto and that characteris is just why the expert suggests it’s not what you want to rely on in your customer services chatbot. Every Person that has ever worked in a call center knows that the company issues a very tight line of answer for almost every possible question, and that information should replicate one call after another, and with ChatGPT every time the same question is made by a client the answer will be different. We need to keep in mind that the logic and the language that power ChatGPT, OpenAI’s viral generative AI chatbot it was created to emulate a human conversation, and for default that would imply a lot of improvisation, and well that's not something for a customer service at least not now.


So if you are in the market looking for a chatbot solution for your company don't let yourself fall into the temptation , and let the ChatGPT a side.