Google Flights may be your vacation best friend

In this season you may be looking for a well deserve vacation and although you may have a prefer travel app, let me introduce Google Flights … you can thank me later.

Google Flights

Google Flights is a search engine for flights that allows users to search for and compare flight prices from various airlines and online travel agencies. It is a part of the Google Travel platform. With Google Flights, users can search for flights based on their preferred departure and arrival cities, dates, number of passengers, and cabin class.
Google Flights offers several features to help users find the best flights, including:
Price tracking: Users can track the prices of specific flights or routes and receive alerts when prices change.
Flexible dates: Users can view prices for flights on different dates to find the most affordable travel dates.
Explore destinations: Users can view prices for flights to various destinations to find the cheapest places to travel.
Filter options: Users can filter their search results by airline, stops, price, duration, and other factors.
Google Assistant integration: Users can use Google Assistant to search for flights and receive updates on their flights.

Limited coverage: Google Flights may not include all airlines and online travel agencies, which can limit the options available to users.
Limited customization: While the filter options are helpful, they may not allow for as much customization as some users would like.
No booking on site: While users can search for and compare flights on Google Flights, they must book their flights through the airline or online travel agency directly.
Limited information on baggage fees: Google Flights does not always provide information on baggage fees, which can be important for budget-conscious travelers.
Overall, Google Flights is a useful tool for finding and comparing flight prices, but it may not be the best option for all users, particularly those who are looking for more customization or a wider range of options.