Say hi to Mastodon, the alternative to Twitter.


With Twitter in problems since Elon Musk took control of it, Mastodon, a decentralized, open alternative from privacy-obsessed Germany, has seen a flood of new users.


"The bird is free," tweeted Elon Musk when he completed his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter. But many free-speech advocates don't see this as something to celebrate, so they started looking for other options.


But what's Mastodon? Well let me tell you that it is a social network that unlike Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, is not controlled by just one company, instead Mastodon is installed on thousands of computer servers, largely run by volunteer administrators who join their systems together in a federation.


People swap posts and links with others on their own server - or Mastodon "instance" - and also, almost as easily, with users on other servers across the growing network.


The way it works is like when you decide to send information by mail using your hotmail account, and then use another gmail account or even then your company account.


Since the era of Elon Musk started in Twitter , Mastodon's growth averaged 60-80 new users an hour, according to the widely-cited Mastodon Users account. It showed 3,568 new registrations in one hour on Monday morning.


But Mastodon is not the only Twitter alternative, we also have Discord, Bytedance's and even Tik Tok.


Which one do you already use?