The Strangest Thing Anyone Ever Asked ChatGPT

Have you ever wonder what is the most bizarre thing anyone have ever ask the infamous ChatGPT to write about ?

ChatGPT unbelievable request
Well we ask it and this is what it answer it: 

As an AI language model, I don't have personal experiences, but I can tell you that people have asked me to write about many strange and unusual topics! One time, someone asked me to write a short story about a sentient toilet that gains consciousness and develops a desire for revenge against humans for mistreating it. 

Another time, someone asked me to write a poem about the existential angst of a houseplant. 
One time, a user asked me to write a fictional story about a world where humans evolved from cats instead of primates. Another user asked me to write a poem about a tree that grows shoes instead of leaves.
Another user asked me to generate a short story where the protagonist was a sentient mushroom navigating a post-apocalyptic world, while another requested an essay arguing that aliens are actually responsible for the creation of human civilization.
These are just a few examples of the many unique and creative prompts that I've been asked to write about. As an AI language model, I'm programmed to generate responses to any text prompt given to me, no matter how unusual or strange it may be!

Have you ever use this AI model? What are your thoughs in the implication of this innovated technology in the every day world?