Which are the major failures in the tech industry in 2022?

As every year passes the tech industry grows exponentially, bringing technology that in some cases looks as pure fiction and surprises us, but as that is a real truth, the opposite also happens and this 2022 is not the exception, read about some of those failures here.

tech failure

Elon Musk vs Twitter

At first it was seen as a bold move by one of the new titans of the ecosystem, but soon before the announcement of the buyout, things started to break and the silicon valley tech elite had begun to divide. We don't know how the tech soap opera will end but it's definitely some of the year's failures.


Facebook MetaVerse

We believe this will be a reality soon, and that it would impact our lives but the rate of acceptance has not been what Zuckenberg hope and the numbers are way behind of the expect


Stadia: No more games for yo.

Is natural to expect that google would like to have their products in almost every area of the entertainment, and Stadia was something expected. Stadia was the company’s big move into the cloud-gaming marketplace, in which the heavy computing happens on distant servers, and the visuals are streamed to TVs, computers, and phones. Nothing was technically wrong with the platform, but the game selection was second-rate, and people didn’t want to buy titles a second time just for Stadia


FTX on Fire

The year ended with one of the most spectacular crypto collapses to date, as the FTX exchange went down in a massive blaze of fraud and excuses. The legend says that unfortunately, the whole house of cards came down after the price of Bitcoin dropped, with a balance sheet revealing that Alameda was a massive shareholder of FTX, which had loaned it billions to pay back loans. Those loans were hidden by software chicanery.  When all this info came out, there was a massive run on FTX, causing asset sell-offs and Bankman-Fried’s arrest in December.

There are still a few days into the year and anything can happen but we believe these are one or the most high profile failures of 2022, what do you think?