Youtube change theirs profanity rules

YouTube has a set of community guidelines that creators must adhere to monetize their content.

Youtube Profanity

According to YouTube's community guidelines, creators should avoid using excessive profanity in their videos as it may negatively impact their ability to monetize their content. The guidelines state that "YouTube is not a platform for profanity or hate speech," and that creators should use their judgment to ensure that their content is appropriate for a wide range of audiences.

To monetize their content, creators must also comply with YouTube's Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines, which prohibit the use of profanity in the first 30 seconds of a video, among other restrictions.

If a creator violates YouTube's community guidelines or advertiser-friendly content guidelines, their ability to monetize their content may be affected. This could result in limited or no ads being served on their videos, or even the suspension or termination of their YouTube channel.

The benefits of adhering to YouTube's monetization rules for profanity include being able to earn money from advertising revenue, building a loyal audience, and potentially growing one's brand or business on the platform. Additionally, creating content that is appropriate for a wide range of audiences can help a creator reach a larger audience and attract more viewers.


But as it seems YouTube could be staring to change their way of thinking about this theme, as

in a video published on Tuesday to its Creator Insider channel, YouTube announced that it's relaxing some of the new policies regarding profanity on the platform to allow more monetization opportunities for creators.

What will still result in outright demonetization of video content? Profanity of any sort in a video's title or thumbnail


So, what do you think about the new flexibility of the profanity rules?