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LION ITC Project Challenge

Project Challenge

The University needed an update of their legacy system that would integrate all the information from their old system with new academic platforms.
LION ITC Methodology


First, a diverse team of technicians, specialists and executives formulated a plan. Then, they implemented the plan with state-of-the-art tools and innovative technology. By carefully selecting each member, every angle of the assignment - technical, communications, logistics, developer, and engineer - was managed by an expert.
LION ITC Solution


The results were exceptional. To start with, the University’s system was an antiquated amber-screen based system, making it difficult to function in today’s digital world. The updated system allowed teachers and students to integrate seamlessly in a new web-based environment.
LION ITC Benefits


The new web-based program drastically reduced response time, online enrollment eliminated the mile-long lines at the registration counter and online interaction between students and the staff became more dynamic.