Development of Lightweight Payroll Solutions for Small Companies

LION ITC Project Challenge

Project Challenge

A web solution needed to be devised that could manager payroll for small companies.
LION ITC Methodology


By using the knowledge already learned in the development of solutions for payroll calculations, the team designed a solution that could obtain and control the required information needed to calculate and pay the payroll.
LION ITC Solution


A web application that could create an employee profile, by configuring the form of payment as well as certain benefits for each employee. In addition, the application needed to verify each type of payroll and the date range between each payroll. The automation of payroll calculation, by configuring specific income and deductions for each employee also needed to be performed by the application. Lastly, the application needed to provide the bank with payroll reports and reviews.
LION ITC Benefits


By automating payroll calculation, all errors, and omissions, commonly caused manually, was eliminated. As a result, the accuracy of the information was vastly improved.