Digital Water Meter Reading

LION ITC Project Challenge

Project Challenge

At certain depths, water meters can be particularly difficult to measure and especially difficult to bill appropriately. The purpose of this process was to automate water meter readings and facilitate the online billing process.
LION ITC Methodology


A comprehensive evaluation of the digital water meter reading process was conducted. Each member of the team was responsible for each function and process involved. Certain synchronization processes were used to help integrate the processes.
LION ITC Solution


In order to read the water meter digitally, an API had to be created to synchronize the data necessary to read the meter and then bill appropriately. This process was implemented in parallel with the previous process. As soon as the solution was verified, it was set up in the correct environment.
LION ITC Benefits


The solution transformed the digital water meter reading. The time that it took to correctly read the meter and process the billing was reduced, as was the amount of errors in the billing process.