ERP Implementation for Water Bottling Company

LION ITC Project Challenge

Project Challenge

By automatic a water bottling company, the business will become much more effective. Operations such as billing, distribution, payment, and liquidation can be automated, saving the company money in labor costs. In order to implement the ERP solution, key performance indicators for management control needed to be modified.
LION ITC Methodology


The first step was to understand the ERP software that the customer used. What was the process like for them? Once the team was confident regarding the software function, an integral solution was needed to automate the process.
LION ITC Solution


A responsive web application was created that could be used by mobile devices and computers alike. This application could control the dispatch process, inventory control, returns, credits and settlements, and the application was integrated with the accounting software.
LION ITC Benefits


Improved inventory control, integration of all processes, management indicators for decision making.