Mobile Routing Billing Solutions

LION ITC Project Challenge

Project Challenge

Mobile routing billing is intended to automate the entire online payment processing, including billing, dispatching and collection
LION ITC Methodology


The first step in creating this platform, was to analyze the ERP software. Technicians needed to determine the origin of the data. With the solutions in hand, the team was able to design a platform that automated the process. C#.Net and React Native were particularly helpful during this stage.
LION ITC Solution


APIs helped to synchronize the data between the ERP solution and the mobile system. As a result, an app was developed for devices with the Android operating system and the React Native language.
LION ITC Benefits


Mobile billing became infinitesimally more effective and less time consuming. The billing process in the field was streamlined, and the mobile inventory was easier to manage. Ultimately, because of the improvement, the company’s sales increased by 11%.