QuickBooks - Enterprise Migration

LION ITC Project Challenge

Project Challenge

Given the growth of our client, it was necessary to move from QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Online, without leaving data in the old system. Additionally we needed to connect the new system to Shopify with as little down time as possible.
LION ITC Methodology


It was necessary the active participation of key users in this project. To understand what difficulties they had and create a friendly and fast interface that allowed them to solve their needs with greater agility. This added to a work team trained for the job, with the right management.
LION ITC Solution


Appropriate connectors were developed and data transformation tools were used to extract, transform and load the new data to QBO, leaving the connectors ready for Shopify to be transparent for the end users.
LION ITC Benefits


The customer can completely disconnect from its previous systems, reducing its technological operating costs by focusing solely on the new system. In view of having a more robust solution, constant downtime problems were eliminated.